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22 For now

It’s been 7 months since our last blog post and that was the fundraiser for LATCH, prior to that, the previous blog post was in June last year, so it's safe to say that the documenting of Mason's journey has slowed down and for good reason..... It feels like we’re "back to normal". Hospital visits are for check-ups and routine scans and that’s the way we’d like to keep it.

In the past year, people have shown lots of interest in how Mason's doing and where he is in his plan, what happens next and concerned if he'll need any more treatment, which got us thinking that we feel we haven’t entirely closed out this blog, so we thought we’d use this post to do so.

Back in 2021, Mason clocked up a lot of hospital hours, with time spent on chemo and having proton radiotherapy sessions. His operation to remove the mass was deemed a success. Not all of it could be removed due to Mason's size (baby) and location/complexity of blood vessels running through, and he will continue to live with a small chunk remaining within him. However, it is largely agreed that the remaining mass is 100% dead and will remain with no further issues. This is what we’re working with.

Hospital visits will continue to be a firm part of his/our lifestyle and it’s great that Mason will continue to have medical support and scanning for years to come. We are confident this is all he will require. We have weathered this storm fairly well as a team and will be prepared for another should ever the time come.

For now, Mason is active, happy, healthy and due to start School in September.

Thank you to all those who have supported Mason & the Edwards Family along the way.

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