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“If Mason's story helps just one other person going through the same thing, then it's been worth sharing”

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Mason was diagnosed [2021] with an abdominal 'Round Cell' Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Described to us as a more uncommon type of cancer, especially in infants. Initially discovered when dad found a small lump on his back when lifting him out of the bath. Diagnosis was restless for us as parents, taking several months to identify what appeared to be a lump on his back, that actually turned out to be a sizeable tumour, wrapped around his abdomen/pelvis region. Naturally we found ourselves searching for similar stories online to connect with and find solace in our circumstance.

There have been many times throughout our process where we have been left waiting...thinking "well what happens now?" and it is an empty place to be. We have found that speaking with others in the same situation and sharing events has given us reassurance, we have been grateful for.

With this in mind, we have started to document Mason’s journey to create our own medium which may bring comfort to someone else going through a similar process. This is not medical guidance or recommendation but just a series of events that we have endured recently as a family.

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We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support that Mason has received so far. We'll endeavour to provide links as a small token of recognition and to raise awareness of some of these great charities/organisations that we have discovered along Masons journey. Blog post 12 goes into more detail.


Noah's Ark Hospital




Give a Duck Foundation


Childrens Laukaemia Society




Cost of Cancer

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NHS The Christie Foundation

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