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21 To Endure

Following on from blog post 19 Mason21 Big LATCH Raffle I wanted to type up a quick entry to update all our supporters who have kept us going up to, and during the our challenge. The Endure24 race was linked to the fundraiser as a motivator by a group of friends who wanted to do something in the name of a good cause. To complete it, just required us to keep running for 24hrs. Individually impossible but like most things..... with good teamwork there was hope!


We made it!

Infact we didn't just make it, we smashed it! Team ‘Mason21’ successfully completed Endure24 2022 and managed to run 232km (144miles) in 24hrs, continuously, without breaking the relay at any point. The equivalent of running from Cardiff to London. As a result we've managed to raise £2,890 (as of 20-June-2022).

29 Laps


25,000+ active calories burnt

8,500ft of elevation

No sleep

£2,890 raised for LATCH Welsh Children's Cancer Charity

Thank you to all of those who have supported us, sent us nice messages, donated to the JustGiving link and shared our posts!

The donation link is still active and for those waiting for us to complete the run or wanting to enter the raffle before the draw on 26th June - please use this link below

Whilst our fundraising goal of £8,000 was a big ask - we are currently 36% ...... make a difference and help us tip over the half way of £4,000. That would require 222 people donating £5 each at the moment! Be one of our final 222 supporters.

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

[Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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